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I t i s a l l a b o u t  ME  e e e e e e e e e e e e

Hello you have obviously wanted to know more about "who" is taking these pictures.  I'm a Valparaiso Indiana based photographer that specializes in canine performance events.  Additionally,  I can photograph Senior Portraits, Family Portraits, Cars and Events of all types.

It is my quest to shoot and capture the best photo possible of any subject.  

I could bore you with my equipment choices.  So, okay, I will! 

New Arrival - The Bad Daddy:  Canon 1Dx Mark II.  Yes, I will try to treat this awesome machine with the respect it deserves.  This is the OMG of action cameras.

Body: Canon 7D -  when it grows up it will be a Canon 1Dx Mk II.  Oh, how I wish it was!   Lenses:  EF Canon 70 to 200 mm F/2.8L IS and EF 24 to 70 mm F/2.8L.  These lenses are fantastic.

Software:  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 8.3  release.   

Now that we got that covered, here's more about (you guessed it) ME!

I'm an IT professional with multiple certifications, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, Breeder of World Champion Miniature American Shepherds, Professional Musician and Lotus Esprit Turbo SE driver.  A good friend and Lotus Evora driver calls me Lotus Bill, hence Lotus Bill Photography was born.

Somebody's boring me and I think it's me.  Had enough of ME? Me too.  Alright, I'll stop now, but wait, there's more...

If you still want to know more about ME, then please visit our dogs at www.wiggleb.com

Seriously more...although this might be an all about me campaign, the simple truth is that it's ALL about YOU!  And what I can do to provide the best photos for YOU.

Thank you for visiting.

Lotus Bill

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